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@@ -3,6 +3,11 @@ KingTokens
Tokens are a usefull way to give users access to an application. This can be for a limited time or just once.
Just think of password resets, changing email, protected rss feed urls, timed out private links, ..
+This plugin consists of two parts:
+* an ActiveRecord model class TokenCode, which maps to the token table in the db
+* a module Tokenizer mixed into ActiveRecord::Base, providing your models with the possibility to define tokens
KingTokens map polymorphic to other objects, through the can_has_tokens :whatever_name call
@@ -42,11 +47,35 @@ class UsersController
-Methods added:
+Token definition in AR object:
+ can_has_tokens :forgot_password => add a token with the name forgot_pasword to an object.
+ can_has_tokens :change_email, {:days_valid => 3}
+ => add a token with the name change email adn a default validity of 3 days to an object.
+Methods added to the AR object:
user.set_forgot_password_token => set a new token and removing any existing one
- user.get_forgot_password_token => returns the token object
- user.forgot_password_token => returns the token string
+ user.get_forgot_password_token => return the token object
+ user.forgot_password_token => return the token string
user.forgot_password_token? => true if the user has such a token
+ user.token(:forgot_password) => return the token object found by name
+ user.create_token(:token_name, :valid => 2.days.from_now)
+ => Low level function to create a token with special options overriding the ones set in the class definition
+Class Methods:
Copyright (c) 2008 Michael Bumann, Georg Leciejewski released under the MIT license

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