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Blog King

A collection of widgets for Wordpress with advanced display and configuration options

King Widgets

When using WordPress as a CMS you quickly fall in love with sidebars and widgets. But here starts the problem: all default widgets lack settings for Where & where not to show, Surrounding HTML, Detailed options eg. for category and pages menu's.

So it's time to teach those widget some serious CMS features. All King widget sport options for:

  • define where widgets are to be shown:

    • on a special site area(home, search, single, category, 404, …)

    • inside defined categories

    • everywhere but on a special site area

    • combine the above

    • eg: Show widget inside category X, on home and contact page

  • Surrounding HTML - before, after widget and title

  • Import/Export widget settings as JSON

  • Category & page widgets with settings for sorting, depth, childs, ..


Download the folders into your /wp-content/plugins/ folder. Activate in admin area and you are good to go. of course you need to add the widgets to a sidebar.

Details can be found here:



Currently KingPages, KingText and KingCategory are ready to go .. more will follow