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Releases: schorschii/FsClock-Android

Version 1.12.1

09 Feb 21:33
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  • option to choose digital clock and date font
  • option to set different colors for digital clock and date
  • new, custom digital clock view - fixes centering in landscape mode
  • Hijri date support
  • option to disable smooth clock hands
  • option to show event notification until confirmed
  • fixed: analog clock was not visible on old Android versions
  • improved app icon & monochrome icon support
  • added more date format options

Version 1.11.0

10 Jan 21:47
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  • fixed display rotation in screensaver mode
  • date format placeholder info text directly in the app
  • improved alarm icon

Version 1.10.0

17 Dec 20:22
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  • option to show next alarm
  • OLED burn-in prevention option
  • extra-dark mode option
  • different battery icons depending on level
  • save energy (update clock parts only if necessary)

Version 1.9.2

09 Dec 17:43
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  • new: hex color code in color dialog
  • different battery icon on charging/discharging
  • fixed a crash on devices without text-to-speech engine; allow reading event text in all languages
  • minor settings improvements

Version 1.9.0

28 Nov 20:02
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  • revised settings (e.g. option to choose separate colors for each clock hand)
  • improved full screen experience (now also covers notches; automatically hide the settings button)
  • option to choose a custom date format
  • option to choose whether the custom background image should be zoomed or stretched
  • option to enforce landscape mode
  • fixed invisible battery information in landscape mode
  • fixed invisible analog clock images when using custom images in screensaver mode
  • fixed screensaver settings on Android 13
  • fixed default year format on older Android versions
  • fixed system calendar date view
  • fixed right-to-left layout
  • Dutch translation
  • new standalone build without Google Play billing library and option to unlock the settings via unlock code / PayPal payment

Version 1.8.0

30 Oct 13:00
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  • updated billing libaries
  • build flavors: only include billing library for specific app store (Google, Amazon, Huawei)
  • fixed "Events" label on startup
  • limit max width of settings view for better UX on landscape devices like TVs
  • new button which directly brings the user to the Android system screensaver settings

Version 1.7.5

27 Feb 11:05
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Various fixes seen in Google Play Console crash reports

Version 1.7.4

14 Feb 22:02
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Hide navigation bar in screensaver mode

Version 1.7.3

12 Jan 23:10
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Improvements for TV devices

Version 1.7.2

04 Jan 18:59
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Improvements for (Fire-)TV devices