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This plugin will let you shield/block any element in the DOM from mouse or touch interaction. With a bit of styling on the blocking overlay, the shield can be used as an indicator to the user, that data is being uploaded/downloaded/processed behind the scenes.


Getting the shield in place is as simple as:

var shield = $('#invincible').shield();

Invoking the shield() function, an element is created in the DOM. This element is placed next to the target, and is sized and positioned by CSS to lie exactly on top of it. The shield() function returns a reference to this new DOM item, allowing you to do whatever you want to it afterwards – e.g. removing it:


Often, you will want to give some sort of visual clue that (part of) the DOM is blocked. A simple way to do this, is to add some styling to the shield, preferably via a class name:


The fog class might have a semitransparent background color, and possibly also a "spinner" attached as a background image. For bonus points, make the shield fade in:


Shield as many elements as you wish with a single function call:

$('input, button, select, textarea').shield();


Try out this simple jQuery-shield() example on JS bin, where you can see and modify the sample live in your browser. For an example of the plugin used on a production site, try selecting some of the different colors available for Fritz Hansen's Egg chair.


Dual licensed under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses: