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Shallow Water Equation Environment for Tests, Awesome!

Official website now available:

This library supports various kinds of simulations (not only Shallow Water)
on 2D surfaces. The currently supported surfaces are
  * the 2D torus (bi-periodic plane) and
  * the sphere

For discretization, we use the double FFT for the plane and Spherical Harmonics
on the sphere.

! Please have a look into the INSTALL instructions to see required libraries !

File structure:

	archive/	Old stuff which should be still visible when checking out repository
	benchmarks_sphere/	Scripts for running benchmarks (numerical and HPC) on the sphere
	benchmarks_plane/	Scripts for running benchmarks (numerical and HPC) on the plane
	build/		Build directory, note, that also /tmp is used for storing object files
	data/		Data such as OpenGL shaders
	doc/		Documentation
	local_software/	3rd party software with installer scripts
			If you get compile errors, please checkout this directory
	package/	Used for creating tarballs to deploy to servers
	python_mods/	Python helper files
	src/		Source folder
	src/programs	Example programs
	src/unit_tests	Unit tests to validate SWEET
	src/include/libgl	Some visualization helper tools
	src/include/libmath	Some mathematical routines
	src/include/sweet	DUDE! That's SWEET!
	src/include/...		Plenty of other stuff	Test script to check compilation of programs		Test script to validate computations		Convenient script to call valgrind with preset options (Useful for debugging)
	SConstruct	Required for compilation (scons)
	TODO		TODO list


	Please read the coding conventions in doc/coding_conventions
	These conventions are suggestions.

SWEET Environment

	First of all, setup the environment variables correctly
	( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )
	( see also INSTALL file )
	( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

	$ source ./local_software/

Compilation on personal workstation:

	The compilation is then done by calling 'scons' which is a
	makefile alternative and offers the flexibility of Python.

	$ scons --program=swe_staggered_vector_invariant

	The possible compilation (maybe not complete) options are visible via

	$ scons --help

	The program to be compiled can be specified via -program=...
	with the list of programs given in src/examples

Compilation on cluster:

	Please see ./platform/HOWTO