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DrawBot Glyphs Plugin

DrawBot inside Glyphs.


Make a new drawBot from the File menu > New DrawBot, or open a file with cmd+O. Save or Save As as usual. Run the script by hitting the Run button (or pressing cmd+⏎). Clean the output area by pressing cmd+K.

To save a drawing as pdf, hit cmd+E (or File > Export..)

Installation and requirements

To install, double click the DrawBot.glyphsPlugin file. It requires at least Glyphs 2.1.1 (777).

The plugin needs these packages. They can be installed from within Glyphs in Preferences > Addons.


Many thanks to:

  • Just van Rossum, Erik van Blokland, Frederik Berlaen for making DrawBot.
  • Jens Kutilek for helping with implementing the plugin.