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A pluggable bracket generator for NCAA March Madness
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About Bracketeer

Bracketeer is a Java console application that uses year-end team statistics to generate a printable, plain-text bracket for the NCAA Division I basketball tournament.

Running Bracketeer

First navigate to the root source directory and run ant to compile the application into a jar.

$ ant

Now run the Bracketeer, specifying a year, a sex, and the referee class to use. E.g.

$ java -jar build/jar/bracketeer.jar 2010 women WomenReferee2010

If the referee has generated any summary output, it will be found in the results/ directory.

Creating Your Own Referee

Games can be scored in any arbitrary way by simply creating a class in the bracketeers.algorithms package that implements the bracketeer.algorithms.Referee interface.

Here is the entire Referee interface:

public interface Referee {
	// Expected to set game.scores[], game.winner, game.loser, game.summaryStats, game.summaries
	public void playGame(Game game);

[ to be completed ]

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