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Upgrading from v0.3.x and lower to v0.4.0
This document describes the steps you need to do when upgrading XJConf from any
of the 0.3.x versions and lower to 0.4.0.
1. Remove all includes of XJConf classes by hand. Instead, just include
XJConf/XJConf.php at the beginning of your application or script. This will
register an autoload method that takes care of loading all other classes
from XJConf.
2. Replace every occurance of XJConfLoader::load('package.ClassName'); with
use net::xjconf::package::ClassName;.
For example, if you use the XJConfFacade, you need to replace
use net::xjconf::XJConfFacade;
while using
XJConfLoader::load('DefinitionParser', 'XmlParser');
needs to be replaced with
use net::xjconf::DefinitionParser;
use net::xjconf::XmlParser;