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Commits on May 27, 2013
  1. @vmg

    Merge pull request #1614 from schu/packbuilder-write

    vmg authored
    packbuilder: also write index in git_packbuilder_write
  2. packbuilder: also write index in git_packbuilder_write

    git_packbuilder_write() used to write a packfile to the passed file
    path. Instead, ask for a destination directory and create both the
    packfile and an index, as most users probably do expect.
  3. @vmg

    Merge pull request #1613 from schu/transport-ssh

    vmg authored
    tests: don't verify SSH unsupported with GIT_SSH
Commits on May 26, 2013
  1. @arrbee

    Merge pull request #1612 from drodriguez/fix-branch-delete-docs

    arrbee authored
    Fix documentation of git_branch_delete.
  2. @drodriguez

    Fix documentation of git_branch_delete.

    drodriguez authored
    The reference should be freed by the user, not the library.
Commits on May 25, 2013
  1. @vmg

    Merge pull request #1609 from ethomson/qsort_r_glibc

    vmg authored
    qsort_r appeared in glibc 2.8
  2. qsort_r appeared in glibc 2.8

    Edward Thomson authored
Commits on May 24, 2013
  1. @vmg

    Merge pull request #1608 from arrbee/various-cleanups-and-tweaks

    vmg authored
    Various cleanups and tweaks
  2. @arrbee

    Add ~ expansion to global attributes and excludes

    arrbee authored
    This adds ~/ prefix expansion for the value of core.attributesfile
    and core.excludesfile, plus it fixes the fact that the attributes
    cache was holding on to the string data from the config for a long
    time (instead of making its own strdup) which could have caused a
    problem if the config was refreshed.  Adds a test for the new
    expansion capability.
  3. @arrbee


    arrbee authored
    This improves the docs for GIT_DIFF_INCLUDE_UNTRACKED_CONTENT as
    well as the other flags related to UNTRACKED items in diff, plus
    it makes that flag now automatically turn on
    GIT_DIFF_INCLUDE_UNTRACKED which seems like a reasonable dwim type
    of change.
  4. @arrbee

    Typedef git_config_level_t and use it everywhere

    arrbee authored
    The GIT_CONFIG_LEVEL constants actually work well as an enum
    because they are mutually exclusive, so this adds a typedef to
    the enum and uses that everywhere that one of these constants are
    expected, instead of the old code that typically used an unsigned
  5. @arrbee

    Docs for git_libgit2_opts and cache disable tweak

    arrbee authored
    This adds docs for the cache control options to git_libgit2_opts
    and also tweaks the cache code so that if the cache is disabled,
    then the next time we attempt to insert something into the cache
    in question, we will actually clear any old cached objects.
  6. @arrbee

    Add typedefs on some public enums

    arrbee authored
    Apparently this makes things easier to bind in some languages.
  7. @arrbee

    Merge pull request #1607 from ethomson/hurd

    arrbee authored
    qsort_r is broken on HURD, avoid
  8. @vmg

    Merge pull request #1605 from ethomson/replace_reuc_fix

    vmg authored
    Cherry picking REUC fixes
  9. @arrbee @ethomson

    Ensure reuc vector is always valid

    arrbee authored ethomson committed
    In theory, if there was a problem reading the REUC data, the
    read_reuc() routine could have left uninitialized and invalid
    data in the git_index vector.  This moves the line that inserts a
    new entry into the vector down to the bottom of the routine so we
    know all the content is already valid.  Also, per @linquize, this
    uses calloc to ensure no uninitialized data.
  10. @ethomson
  11. @vmg

    Merge pull request #1593 from ethomson/conflict_iterator

    vmg authored
    introduce git_conflict_iterator
  12. @vmg

    Merge pull request #1592 from ethomson/merge_setup

    vmg authored
    merge setup
  13. @vmg

    Merge pull request #1603 from ben/shallow

    vmg authored
    Shallow-clone detection
  14. @vmg

    Merge pull request #1595 from arrbee/even-more-rename-fixes

    vmg authored
    Even more rename detection fixes
  15. @vmg

    Merge pull request #1604 from arrbee/config-file-checks

    vmg authored
    Extend checking for config with no files
  16. @ben

    Stop leaking memory

    ben authored
Commits on May 23, 2013
  1. @arrbee
  2. @arrbee

    More tests of config with various absent files

    arrbee authored
    Plus a bit of extra paranoia to ensure config object has valid
  3. @arrbee

    Fill out diff rename test coverage

    arrbee authored
    This extends the rename tests to make sure that every rename
    scenario in the inner loop of git_diff_find_similar is actually
    exercised.  Also, fixes an incorrect assert that was in one of
    the clauses that was not previously being exercised.
  4. @ben

    Improve test failure output

    ben authored
  5. @arrbee

    Move core.abbrev lookup out of diff print loop

    arrbee authored
    This moves the GIT_CVAR_ABBREV lookup out of the loop.  Also, this
    fixes git_diff_print_raw to actually use that constant instead of
    hardcoding 7 characters.
  6. @arrbee

    More diff rename tests; better split swap handling

    arrbee authored
    This adds a couple more tests of different rename scenarios.
    Also, this fixes a problem with the case where you have two
    "split" deltas and the left half of one matches the right half of
    the other.  That case was already being handled, but in the wrong
    order in a way that could result in bad output.  Also, if the swap
    also happened to put the other two halves into the correct place
    (i.e. two files exchanged places with each other), then the second
    delta was left with the SPLIT flag set when it really should be
  7. @arrbee

    Fix dereference of freed delta

    arrbee authored
    I was accidentally using a value that I had just freed.  This
    moves the clearing of the delta internal flags into a better place.
  8. @ben

    Merge pull request #1599 from nulltoken/topic/windows_resources

    ben authored
    Update windows resources to match the dll name
  9. @ben

    Merge pull request #1601 from Merovius/bugfix_shorten

    ben authored
    Bugfix: Return NULL in push_leaf, when trie is full
  10. @Merovius

    Add testcase for #1600

    Merovius authored
Commits on May 22, 2013
  1. @arrbee

    Significant rename detection rewrite

    arrbee authored
    This flips rename detection around so instead of creating a
    forward mapping from deltas to possible rename targets, instead
    it creates a reverse mapping, looking at possible targets and
    trying to find a source that they could have been renamed or
    copied from.  This is important because each output can only
    have a single source, but a given source could map to multiple
    outputs (in the form of COPIED records).
    Additionally, this makes a couple of tweaks to the public rename
    detection APIs, mostly renaming a couple of options that control
    the behavior to make more sense and to be more like core Git.
    I walked through the tests looking at the exact results and
    updated the expectations based on what I saw.  The new code is
    different from the old because it cannot give some nonsense
    results (like A was renamed to both B and C) which were part of
    the outputs previously.
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