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Nagios Chef-Client Handler

This Chef-client handler is available as Ruby Gem on the handler generates and updates a file on the local file system of a host that contains information about the latest chef-client run. The accompanying Nagios check the age of the file and reads its content. based o this information it reports back to Nagios.

The Gem is tested on Linux (RHEL6 & Binary compatibles) & MS-Windows 2008R2 but its likely it will run without issues on other OSses

For automatic deployment and configuration this Handler depends on the chef-client cookbook

installation and configuration

Add the following to your role/environment to install and configure the handler:

"chef_client": {
  "load_gems": {
     "sbp_nagios_chefclient_handler": {
       "require_name": "sbp_nagios_chefclient_handler/sbp_nagios_chefclient_handler"
  "config": {
    "report_handlers": [
       {"class": "SBP::Nagios::Chefclient::Handler", "arguments": []}
    "exception_handlers": [
       {"class": "SBP::Nagios::Chefclient::Handler", "arguments": []}

The load_gems attribute will install the gem, the config part will tell chef-client to actually use the reporthandler for bot, normal and failed execution.

Also: add the chef-client::config recipe to your runlist.

The results file will be created as /var/chef/lastrun_results on Linur or c:\var\chef\lastrun_results on Windows. You can influence the path where the lastrun_results file will be created by provisioning the following attribute:

"chef_client": {
    "resultspath": "/your/custom/path/"