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Seccubus V2 Change Log

Seccubus V2 is currently in early Beta phase. This code is currently actively maintained and developed and is the recommended branch. It works with Nessus 4.x with both a home feed and professional feed license.

If you are looking for stable code you might want to use the V1 branch of this project, but be aware that it only supports Nessus with a professional feed and is not longer under active development.

11-9-2012 - 2.0.beta6

New features / Issues resolved

  • Sourcecode repository is now GitHub in stead of SourceForge
  • Build is now automated using a Jenkins server at Schuberg Philis
  • Fixed a few bugs

Bigs fixed (tickets closed):

  • #6 - ConfigTest is more verbose when it fails due to a missing config file
  • #7 - Import error on scan results from OpenVAS 3.0.1
  • #7 - Error converting OpenVAS .nbe to IVIL
  • #12 - Installation error with tarball
  • #15 - Ungroup Compliance Scans
  • #16 - More gracefull error handling when Nikto doesn't find a config
  • #17 - File ~/scanners/Nikto/scan has no execute permission
  • ## - Fixed a broken symlink in the development environment
  • #23 - Nessus xmlRPC port can now be selected
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