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# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# $Id$
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Main Seccubus perl module. This module calls the other modules after some
# very basic housekeeping
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
package SeccubusV2;
=head1 NAME $RCSfile:,v $
This Pod documentation generated from the module SeccubusV2 gives a list of all
functions within the module.
@ISA = ('Exporter');
@EXPORT = qw(
use XML::Simple;
use Data::Dumper;
our $config = "config.xml"; # Change this value to match your setup
# if your configuration file cannot be
# found
$config = "/home/seccubus/etc/config.xml" unless -e $config;
# Bug #62 - /home/seccubus/etc missing
$config = "/etc/Seccubus/config.xml" unless -e $config;
# This line should prevent issue 21 dummy.config.xml should never exist
$config = "etc/dummy.config.xml" unless -e $config;
$config = "/opt/Seccubus/etc/config.xml" unless -e $config;
# Module directory
use lib "/opt/Seccubus/SeccubusV2";
push (@main::INC, @INC);
$VERSION = '2.0.beta6';
use strict;
use Carp;
#use SeccubusConfig;
use SeccubusHelpers;
push (@main::INC, @INC);
$ENV{REMOTE_USER} = "admin" unless $ENV{REMOTE_USER}; # Run as admin user if the web server auth is not setup
sub get_config() {
if ( ! ref($config) ) {
$config = XMLin($config);
return $config;
# Close the PM file.
return 1;
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