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Plugin for confluence to show Tableau graphs within Confluence
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  • Tableau Server Configuration
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Embed tableau reports in confluence

Tableau Server Configuration

Disable client ip checking

Run following tabadmin commands: Note tabadmin can be found here: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Tableau\Tableau Server\7.0\bin"

tabadmin set wg_server.extended_trusted_ip_checking false
tabadmin configure
tabadmin restart

Whitelist your confluence server(s)

Run following tabadmin commands:

tabadmin set wgserver.trusted_hosts "," (where 192.168.1.x are your confluence hosts)
tabadmin configure
tabadmin restart

The comma separated list of ip addresses should be within double quotes with a space after each comma.

For more information see the tableau server admin reference (page 224 / 225 / 229):

Installation of plugin

  • Install the plugin by downloading it via the atlassian marketplace
  • Login as a confluence admin
  • Goto the menu 'Browse'
  • Choose 'Confluence Admin'
  • In the section 'Configuration' choose 'Plugins'
  • Click on the 'Install' tab
  • And choose 'Upload plugin'
  • After this process you should see within 'Manage Existing' the 'Schuberg Philis Tableau Plugin'

Configuration of plugin

Now that you have installed the plugin, configure your tableau hosts

Use a key, for instance: 'prod' or 'production' and a value 'http://tableauserver' or 'https://tableauserver' It's possible to enter multiple hosts, but the first entry is the default entry.

Optionally, you can specify a seperate internal address by adding -internal, for example 'prod-internal': 'http://internaltableau'

Optionally, to disable trusted authentication client side, use the key 'disableclienttrustedauth' and set the value to 'true' trusted authentication is still used for exporting to word/pdf

There is one special entry for debugging purposes, and that is the key 'debugusername', with this entry you can override the username that is used for trusted authentication.

If your tableau instance requires a domain to authenticate you users, you can configure it with the key 'domain', for instance 'mydomain.local'.

Embed tableau reports in confluence

Possible parameters:

Parameter Default value Description
title name of report, this title is shown when opening the full page interactive view from the 'interactive button'
workbook workbook name on the Tableau server (case sensitive)
view name of the view in the workbook (case sensitive)
height 550 height in number of pixels
width 1280 width in number of pixels
environment prod option to point to other environment configured in section 'Configuration of plugin', for example use acc for acceptance environment
interactive false opens sheet in interactive mode
embed true embed in page
toolbar true show or hide the toolbar
tabs false show tabs for all reports within the workbook
borderstyle extra css borderstyle properties, like 'border:red 1px solid' or 'background-color:gray'
button false option to add a button 'Interactive view' to the non interactive (png) view and open the interactive view in a window
noprint false when setting this option to true, this report will be skipped when printing / exporting to pdf or word
parameters send extra parameters to the report
refresh false refresh will invalidate the tableau cached png
site to specify the site to use

Basically there are two modes

  • image view, a plain png type of image
  • interactive view, where end users can use parameters, filters, etc provided within the sheet


Basic example:


Set width and height


Open interactive view and point to acceptance environment


Example of using parameters

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