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Add Prettier to an Angular CLI project
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Angular Prettier schematic

A Schematic that adds prettier and a pre-commit hook for formatting staged files.

CircleCI npm semantic-release Commitizen friendly

Usage 🚀

Install globally

npm install -g @schuchard/prettier

Run in an Angular CLI root directory:

ng g @schuchard/prettier:add

How does Prettier work with Angular

Automatically against staged files

By default lint-staged is configured along with a pre-commit hook. This will run Prettier against all new files as they are committed according to the settings defined in prettier.config.json. Generally speaking, your workflow should remain unchanged - git add, commit, push


Disabling lint-staged install

lint-stage and the precommit hook can be disabled with the following

ng g @schuchard/prettier:add --lintStaged=false


While lint-staged only runs prettier against staged files, you can manually run Prettier against ALL targeted files with the script added to the package.json

npm run prettier

Angular formatting

Beginning with 1.15, Prettier supports formatting HTML and Angular files.

Format all Angular Files - {js,json,css,md,ts,html,component.html}


Format only Typescript files

Previous versions of this schematic only formatted Typescript files. That functionality is still available and is configured in the CLI prompts or via the --formatAllAngularFiles=false if desired. The default is true.


Defaults Prettier options

Angular 7

This schematic takes advantage of CLI prompts for configuring Prettier options. If you're unsure of a setting, press enter to select the default. You can skip a prompt by passing any of the options when call the schematic.

ng g @schuchard/prettier:add --printWidth=100


< Angular 7

Without any CLI arguments the default Prettier options will be applied. The defaults can be changed in one of two ways:

  • modifying the ./prettier.config.js after the schematic runs
  • passing a flag to the schematic with the desired value for any of the options. For example:
    • ng g @schuchard/prettier:add --printWidth=100 --tabWidth=4

Example default prettier.config.js

printWidth = 80;
tabWidth = 2;
useTabs = false;
semi = true;
singleQuote = false;
trailingComma = "none";
bracketSpacing = true;
jsxBracketSameLine = false;
arrowParens = "avoid";
rangeStart = 0;
rangeEnd = Infinity;
requirePragma = false;
insertPragma = false;
proseWrap = "preserve";
lintStaged = true;


Getting started

Install dependencies:

yarn && cd sandbox && yarn

Link schematic to sandbox app. Schematic commands in the sandbox will use this local repo schematic.

yarn link && yarn link:sandbox


This repo uses semantic-release and relies on formatted commit messages for determining the next version. After staging changes, build the commit message with commitizen:

yarn cm


Unsure how to do something with schematics? Check the Angular schematics for inspiration.

Inspiration came from this excellent article by Aaron Frost


  • First, ensure you're authenticated with npm login.
npm run release

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