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Debuginfod Plugins

PyPI Build

This repo contains both a GDB and LLDB plugin to support debuginfod in the versions of GDB and LLDB which not do have debuginfod built in.

WARNING: Currently these plugins only support downloading symbols/ These plugin do not support sources.

Supported Environments

This works in both LLDB and GDB. As of GDB 10.1, debuginfod support is built into GDB and so this plugin is not needed.


These plugins can be installed in two different ways:

  • Using gdbundle. A GDB/LLDB plugin manager from MemFault. (Preferred method)

  • Manual

Using gdbundle

First follow gdbundle's install steps.

Then install the debuginfod plugins with the following command:

pip install gdbundle-debuginfod-plugin

Manual Install

Instructions to come...


Once installed, you will have access to the dbgd command in both GDB and LLDB. Run dbgd --help to see the full list of commands. Normal usage will be covered here.

By default, symbols will load automatically. ⚠️ This feature is not yet implemented on LLDB! ⚠️

Load symbols manually

debugger> dbgd symbols load

Turn on / off auto loading of symbols

debugger> dbgd symbols autoload on
debugger> dbgd symbols autoload off

List loaded symbols

debugger> dbgd symbols list

List all debuginfod servers

debugger> dbgd servers list

Add a debuginfod server

debugger> dbgd servers add [url]

Remove a debuginfod server

debugger> dbgd servers rm [index]


GDB and LLDB plugins to enable older versions of GDB and LLDB to support debuginfod






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