Send encoded GPS Position over Lora to an LoRA APRS Gateway using Dragino LoRa/GPS shield
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LoRa-APRS-Sender für Dragino LoRa/GPS shield

Send APRS mic-e encoded GPS position via LoRa to a LoRa APRS Gateway using Dragino LoRa/GPS shield and Arduino Uno


Installation procedure is described here:

Please change this line to reflect your callsign:

String Tcall="OE1XXX-12"; //your Call Sign


This code was changed by Stefan Schultheis for use with Dragino LoRa/GPS board.

It is a fork of,

based on work of


Copyright of the author Stuart Robinson - 02/07/2015 15:00

These programs may be used free of charge for personal, recreational and educational purposes only.

This program, or parts of it, may not be used for or in connection with any commercial purpose without

the explicit permission of the author Stuart Robinson.