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system level custom js css

Custom code for LibGuides v2 for the Douglas D. Schumann Library & Information Commons at the Wentworth Institute of Technology

What's Here?

  • javascripts
  • stylesheets
  • templates
  • widgets
  • global header and footer


  • get-hours.js - get and display hours from libcal API
  • searchblaster.js - used by search-blaster widget. keeps search options menu open so user can make multiple selections
  • spectragram.js - used by instagram widget


System level

  • global-header.css - logo and main navigation. used on research guides and schumann library website
  • global-footer.css - footer navigation, address, and links to social media
  • global-searchblaster.css - styling for searchblaster widget (EBSCO discovery search box)
  • global-typography.css - styling for fonts
  • libguides-global.css - undo the padding set by libguides so we can use bootstrap's default

Research Guides Group

  • research-group-style.css - styles for research guides - mainly side nav, and content box styling

Schumann Library Website Group

  • schumann-lib-content-boxes.css - styles for website content boxes
  • schumann-lib-guide-menu.css - styles for website side-nav menu
  • schumann-lib-homepage.css - styles for website homepage - hide the title, add a background, etc.
  • schumann-lib-instagram.css - styles for formatting instagram-grid widget


Research Guides

  • research-guides.html - regular guide pages
  • research-homepage.html - hompage for research guides

Schumann Library website

  • schumann-lib-content-page.html - regular website pages
  • schumann-lib-homepage.html - Library Homepage



Code used in LibGuides widgets.

  1. create a new widget asset
  2. copy and paste code into the Embed Code field.

Note: widgets may call external javascript.

  • hide-box-level-nav - hide box level navigation on a per-page basis
  • hide-float-box-from-nav - hide floating boxes from box level navigation
  • instagram-grid - display latest instagram posts
  • live-hours-grid - display weekly hours using libcal API
  • search-blaster - EBSCO discovery search box

Global Header & Footer

used on research guides and schumann library website

  • global-header.html - logo and main navigation.
    • related styles - global-header.css
  • global-footer.html - footer navigation, addres, and links to social media.
    • related styles - global-footer.css