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Using Dojo with Microsoft TypeScript
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NOTE: This repository is deprecated.

Use the official Dojo Typings at

Using Dojo (AMD-style) with TypeScript

This project is an attempt to use the Dojo Toolkit (version 1.7 or higher, preferrably in AMD style) with Microsoft's TypeScript (version 1.6 and up).

Older-style (i.e. non-AMD) Dojo is not supported, as there are already projects converting the old Dojo API files to TypeScript module definitions. Deprecated interfaces and features in Dojo are also not supported.

Only AMD-style Dojo is supported. If you're developing using TypeScript, chances are that it is a brand-new project and you really should be using the new Dojo style. However, you can still use Dojo AMD modules synchronously. You do not have to make your entire project AMD with asynchronous loading if what you're doing is just a simple script.

I try to make using Dojo with TypeScript as close to native TypeScript programming style as possible. But the compiled JavaScript files MUST be usable directly, not needing any post-processing. I have been able to achieve this to a certain extent.


Most of Dojo Core is complete, but much of Dijit is not. I've only done a couple of modules (e.g. Menus). Type definition files for other Dijit modules can be built rather quickly using the existing modules as templates. When I have time, I'll progressively add more module type definitions

Dojox modules are not done at the moment.

And of course, contributions are heartily welcomed! :-)

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