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PROBoter - A platform for automated embedded system security analysis

PROBoter title image

The PROBoter is a hardware and software platform to automate embedded system security analysis. The initial prototype was developed during the master's thesis Automatisierung der hardwarenahen Sicherheitsanalyse von eingebetteten Systemen in cooperation with SCHUTZWERK GmbH and Hochschule Kempten in the context of the SecForCARs project.

The project consists of various components which can be found in individual subfolders of this repository:

  • firmware Contains the firmware running on the 3D printer boards driving the PROBoter hardware platform.
  • hardware Contains 3D models and construction data of the PROBoter hardware platform.
  • image_data_sets Contains image data sets to train or validate algorithms for IC and pin detection.
  • publications Contains publications related to the PROBoter. You can also find citation information here if you want to reference our work in other research publications.
  • software Contains software components forming the high-level software part of the PROBoter platform.

Most parts of the platform are licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0. Detailed license information and used third-party components can be found in the individual subfolders.

Other components will be released soon. Follow the SCHUTZWERK PROBoter blog post series to get updates of the current development status and new component releases. So stay tuned... :)