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Commits on Nov 03, 2010
@dbalatero dbalatero Deleted files, moved README for FFI. 97b4e85
@dbalatero dbalatero Converted to ffi. 34d2609
@dbalatero dbalatero Version bump to 0.0.0 d108e12
@dbalatero dbalatero Version bump to 1.0.0 411fe27
@dbalatero dbalatero 1.0.0 release of ffi gem. 96feb1b
@dbalatero dbalatero Updated README 4a4e937
@dbalatero dbalatero updated readme fa1be4c
@dbalatero dbalatero Gemspec for 1.0.0 87f9afe
@dbalatero dbalatero ignore pkg builds c575e32
Commits on Nov 04, 2010
@dbalatero dbalatero Fixed ffi_lib loading on Ubuntu/Linux. f1d4a5f
@dbalatero dbalatero Version bump to 1.0.1 7691df5
@dbalatero dbalatero Added gemspec, updated CHANGELOG for 1.0.1 b5decdb
Commits on Nov 05, 2010
@dbalatero dbalatero Update readme with known issues 4f87a3f
Commits on Sep 05, 2011
@dbalatero dbalatero Added a file so gem require can autoload levenshtein. 3597891
@dbalatero dbalatero Create Gemfile.lock. 52108f2
@dbalatero dbalatero Update each spec to be self-contained. 87da243
@dbalatero dbalatero Version bump to 1.0.2 400cbd1
Commits on Dec 22, 2011
@harbu harbu added type validation to distance method so that seg.faults are preve…
@harbu harbu pulled out ffi_distance magic method out of private, because it wasn'…
…t really made private
Commits on Aug 09, 2012
@dbalatero dbalatero commit gemspec e4d87e3
@dbalatero dbalatero Merge branch 'nil-check' of git:// in…
…to merge_nil_check
@dbalatero dbalatero Silence warnings with new FFI. ae63abe
@dbalatero dbalatero Merge branch 'merge_nil_check' 962c543
@dbalatero dbalatero Version bump to 1.0.3 71cbe9d
@dbalatero dbalatero bump gemspec for 1.0.3 c520c6a
@dbalatero dbalatero 1.0.3 changelog b480639
Commits on May 28, 2013
@dwbutler dwbutler Bumped FFI version 7ab4d54
@dwbutler dwbutler Fixed gemspec 31e1f9e
@dwbutler dwbutler Updated .gitignore 6f7530c
@dwbutler dwbutler Travis CI integration c5ba565
@dwbutler dwbutler Travis CI integration 907041e
@dwbutler dwbutler Updated tested rubies 5ed2bcf
Commits on Aug 08, 2014
@parndt parndt Removed duplicate ffi dependency 11a1a59
Commits on Aug 11, 2014
@dbalatero dbalatero Merge pull request #5 from parndt/patch-1
Removed duplicate ffi dependency
@dbalatero dbalatero Merge remote-tracking branch 'spokeo/master' into spokeo-master
@dbalatero dbalatero Add flags 19690c6
@dbalatero dbalatero Use new https source a7824c3
@dbalatero dbalatero RSpec 2 is ok with me! 9b2d70b
@dbalatero dbalatero Travis CI 2bc9d3e
@dbalatero dbalatero Update README.markdown a44a083
@dbalatero dbalatero Drop 1.8.x 4d1626d
@dbalatero dbalatero Merge branch 'master' of e5d2f9b
@dbalatero dbalatero Update README to drop 1.8 4df8ece
@dbalatero dbalatero Version bump to 1.1.0 6f87e5d
@dbalatero dbalatero Update jeweler task, bump ffi gemspec c530628
@dbalatero dbalatero BSD 2 clause license f6782f2
@dbalatero dbalatero Make the gem version less pessimistic 11ed112
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