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emogenerator blows away custom code in .m files #2

qwzybug opened this Issue · 2 comments

2 participants

  1. Make a new empty project
  2. Make an entity with a custom class
  3. Run emogenerator (I ran from 2636d98)
  4. Open the new header and add a method signature
  5. Implement the method in the .m, outside the emogenerator #pragma blocks
  6. Save and run emogenerator again

The .h file still has the method signature, but the .m file has been recreated completely.


Test project:

(see EMOEntity.[h/m] and EMOEntity.[h/m].orig)


Yeah. I must have broken something recently.

Not currently using emogenerator right now so you're a bit shit outa luck.

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