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Commits on May 7, 2013
  1. @jnothman @larsmans

    TST test CountVectorizer.stop_words_ value

    jnothman authored larsmans committed
  2. @jnothman @larsmans

    COSMIT Remove redundant code in CountVectorizer

    jnothman authored larsmans committed
  3. @jnothman
  4. @jnothman

    Merge pull request #1935 from jnothman/base_filter_inv_transform

    jnothman authored
    Small improvements to inverse_transform used in feature_selection.
  5. @jaquesgrobler

    Merge pull request #1944 from jnothman/selectpercentile_limit_bug

    jaquesgrobler authored
    FIX SelectPercentile limit bug
  6. @GaelVaroquaux
  7. @aflaxman @GaelVaroquaux

    DOC: latex beautification

    aflaxman authored GaelVaroquaux committed
    use \log, \max, \min, \operatorname{argmax}, insead of versions w/o backslash
  8. @aflaxman @GaelVaroquaux

    DOC: latex beautification

    aflaxman authored GaelVaroquaux committed
    use \langle and \rangle for inner product, instead of < and >
  9. @jnothman
  10. @jnothman
  11. @jnothman
  12. @jnothman
  13. @jnothman
  14. @jnothman
  15. @jnothman
  16. @jnothman
Commits on May 6, 2013
  1. @arjoly @GaelVaroquaux

    FIX compatibility issue with np 1.3 py 2.6

    arjoly authored GaelVaroquaux committed
  2. @GaelVaroquaux

    COSMIT: txt -> rst

    GaelVaroquaux authored
  3. @arjoly

    ENH add jaccard similarity score metrics

    arjoly authored arjoly committed
  4. @arjoly

    ENH more pythonic way to treat list of list of labels

    arjoly authored arjoly committed
  5. @jaquesgrobler

    Merge pull request #1911 from Jim-Holmstroem/generalize_label_type_fo…

    jaquesgrobler authored
    BUG: Generalize label type for `confusion_matrix`
Commits on May 5, 2013
  1. @jaquesgrobler

    Merge pull request #1924 from jaquesgrobler/FIX_sidebar_on_index_page

    jaquesgrobler authored
    Fix for sidebar bug on index page
  2. @arjoly @amueller

    DOC return_path argument, prettier references

    arjoly authored amueller committed
  3. @amueller
  4. @Jim-Holmstroem
Commits on May 4, 2013
  1. @ogrisel
  2. @jaquesgrobler @larsmans

    DOC added link to scipy lecture notes to tuts

    jaquesgrobler authored larsmans committed
  3. @amueller @larsmans
  4. @larsmans

    FIX DictVectorizer behavior on empty X and empty samples

    larsmans authored
    More useful error message for former; return all zeros for latter.
    Also changed integer type to np.intc, which matches scipy.sparse
    index types more closely.
    Fixes #1903.
  5. @amueller
  6. @amueller
  7. @amueller
  8. @jaquesgrobler

    Merge pull request #1884 from jaquesgrobler/ml_map

    jaquesgrobler authored
    MRG - Machine Learning flowchart for Tutorials page
  9. @amueller
  10. @jaquesgrobler @amueller

    COSMIT pep8

    jaquesgrobler authored amueller committed
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