Parser for the CARIS CAF/CBF Lidar waveform format
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This software only supports the caris-lads-lidar format and is not associated with Caris or LADS. Both are probably much farther along in their lidar work.



-Kurt Schwehr 2011-Oct-13

Things to do

  • Does the code properly match shots to waveforms?
  • 99.99 must be the value for no bottom detect
  • caf splitter… pull apart a caf into one file per cbf
  • create a database from caf/cbf’s
    • Index into the binary file so accessing the waveforms is easy
  • cab to kml
    • line mode. Break into cbf sections
    • thumbtack / placemark mode
    • stacked waveform mode
  • be able to dump specific waveforms into other forms
    • matlab m file
    • python file with plotting code
  • testing, testing, testing. Without testing, don’t trust this library.


The CARIS Lidar format is fundamentaly broken. The wave form does not appear to have units and mixes the signals from each of the lasers. After writing a decoder for this format, I suggest you avoid using this format if at all possible.

Caris-LADS-Lidar formatted data comes as two files. A CAF ascii file containing shot header information. The CBF binary file contains one waveform per shot.