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List of AIS binary messages

Commentary by Kurt: Compitent authorities should reuse the same DAC/FI for a message as it is used elsewhere. It is a bad thing (TM) to create multiple DAC/FI pairs that mean the same message.

Addressed type 6

dacfisub idSrc Docstatusdescription
123NAV55Proposedarea notice addressed
128NAV55ProposedRoute info addressed
130NAV55ProposedText description addressed

Broadcast type 8

dacfisub idSrc Docstatusdescription
111Circ 236Not to be used after 1 Jan 2013Met/Hydrologinal
112Circ 236Not to be used after 1 Jan 2013Dangerous cargo indication
113Circ 236Not to be used after 1 Jan 2013Fairway closed
114Circ 236Not to be used after 1 Jan 2013Tidal window
115Circ 236Not to be used after 1 Jan 2013Extended ship and voyage
116Circ 236In use. Proposed update NAV55Num persons on board
117Circ 236Proposed renamed in NAV55VTS-Generated/Synthetic targets
118NAV55ProposedClearance time to enter port
119NAV55ProposedMarine traffic signals
120NAV55ProposedBerthing data
121NAV55ProposedWeather obs from ship
122NAV55Proposedarea notice broadcast
124NAV55ProposedExtended ship and voyage
125NAV55ProposedDangerous cargo
127NAV55ProposedRoute info broadcast
129NAV55ProposedText description broadcast
131NAV55ProposedMet / Hydro
132NAV55ProposedTidal Window
31612SLSIn useWind
31611SLSIn useWeather station
31613SLSIn useWater level
31616SLSIn useWater flow
31621SLSIn useLockage Order
31622SLSIn useEst. Lock Times
316321SLSIn useSeaway Version Message
?14SLS?PAWS Hydro / Current
?15SLS?PAWS Hydro / Salinity Temp
?1?3SLS?PAWS Vessel Procession Order
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