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-I option should support setting a source IP (not only interface) #2

schweikert opened this Issue · 2 comments

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fping should behave like iptools's ping for option -I: when an interface is given, then bind to that interface (as implemented already), if an IP address is given, then use that as source IP address.


Not sure this is a good idea after all... There is the -S option for that already, and overloading one option with different meanings is bad from an API point of view.

@schweikert schweikert closed this

Hi Schweikert,

Do we have an fping executable for windows platform for the latest version of the fping?

It looks like we have exe with version-3.0.0. If there is any latest version executable, could you update here please.

Actually, I am looking for an executable having -S option available.

Ram Murthy

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