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New features

  • New option -x / --reachable to check if the number of reachable hosts is >= a certain number. Useful for example to implement connectivity-checks (#138, thanks @deepak0004)

Bugfixes and other changes

  • Allow decimal numbers for '-t', '-i', '-p', and '-Q'
  • Fix build with --disable-ipv6 (#134, thanks @Polynomial-C)
  • Fix hang with '-6', with ipv6 kernel module, but not loaded (#140, thanks @abelbeck)
  • Assume '-6' if the binary is named 'fping6' (this is mostly for special embedded-distro use cases, and not meant to be used generally in place of compiling IPv6-only binary or using '-6', see also the notes in #139, thanks @abelbeck)
  • Get rid of warning "timeout (-t) value larger than period (-p) produces unexpected results" (#142, thanks @MrDragon1122)
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