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Postgrey - a Postfix policy server for greylisting

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postgrey (written in Perl) is a Postfix policy server implementing greylisting developed by David Schweikert


It is recommended that you use Postgrey from your Linux distribution, if possible. Otherwise, you will need to install first the following requirements:

  • Perl >= 5.6.0
  • Net::Server (Perl Module)
  • IO::Multiplex (Perl Module)
  • BerkeleyDB (Perl Module)
  • Berkeley DB >= 4.1 (Library)
  • Digest::SHA (Perl Module, only for --privacy option)
  • NetAddr::IP


To see the documentation in postgrey. Execute:

perldoc postgrey

(or man postgrey if you are using a pre-built Postgrey distribution).

Updating the whitelist

You can find at the following URL the latest whitelist that is included in the Postgrey distribution:

If you fetch this list automatically, please make sure that you don't do it too frequently (updating once a day is ok).

Mailing-List and getting Help

There is a mailing-list for the discussion of postgrey, where you can also ask for help in case of trouble. To subscribe, send a mail with subject 'subscribe' to: 

There is also a mailing-list archive, where you might find answers: