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Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)

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  1. springboot-graceful-shutdown springboot-graceful-shutdown Public

    Springboot Graceful Shutdown Hook for a container environment like Openshift

    Java 144 21

  2. scion-workbench scion-workbench Public

    SCION Workbench enables the creation of Angular web applications that require a flexible layout to arrange content side-by-side or stacked, all personalizable by the user via drag & drop.

    TypeScript 78 9

  3. scion-microfrontend-platform scion-microfrontend-platform Public

    SCION Microfrontend Platform is a TypeScript-based open-source library that helps to implement a microfrontend architecture using iframes.

    TypeScript 62 9

  4. mobile-ios-design-swiftui mobile-ios-design-swiftui Public

    Design System Mobile for iOS & SwiftUI

    Swift 46

  5. api-principles api-principles Public

    The applicable SBB API Principles

    SCSS 38 11

  6. design_system_flutter design_system_flutter Public

    This framework contains SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) UI elements for Flutter Apps.

    Dart 29 5


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