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1.23_02 -- Tue Mar 30 11:09:15 CDT 2010
  * Fix first() and reduce() to check the callback first; &first(1) is now illigal. [gfx]
  * Fix reduce() to allow XSUB callbacks [gfx]
  * Fix first() to allow XSUB callbacks [gfx]
  * Resolve RT #55763: tainted() doesn't do SvGETMAGIC(sv) [gfx]
  * define CvISXSUB so older perl versions will still compile


1.23_01 -- Mon Mar 22 08:24:11 CDT 2010
  * Add failing tests; SVt_RV is not directly SvROK [gfx]
  * Implement openhandle() in XS (with extra tests) [gfx]
  * Modernize *.pm [gfx]
  * Modernize ListUtil.xs [gfx]
  * Add ppport.h [gfx]
  * Fix an overloading issue on sum(), and add tests for overloading [gfx]
  * Small tweaks for minstr()/maxstr() [gfx]
  * Optimize dualvar() [gfx]
  * Use sv_copypv() instead of SvPV() and sv_setpv() [gfx]
  * avoid non-portable warnings


1.23 -- Wed Mar 10 20:50:00 CST 2010
  * Add a test file to ensure 'GETMAGIC' called once [gfx]
  * "GETMAGIC" should be called only once [gfx]
  * Use PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT for efficiency (see perlguts) [gfx]
  * Don't care about dVAR. ExtUtils::ParseXS deals with it. [gfx]
  * t/p_max.t, t/p_min.t fail on perl5.8.1.  [tokuhirom]
  * avoid non-portable warnings
  * Fix PP::reftype in edge cases [gfx]


1.22 -- Sat Nov 14 09:26:15 CST 2009
  * silence a compiler warning about an unreferenced local variable [Steve Hay]
  * RT#51484 Preserve utf8 flag of string passed to dualvar()
  * RT#51454 Check first argument to first/reduce is a code reference
  * RT#50528 [PATCH] p_tainted.t fix for VMS [Craig A. Berry]
  * RT#48550 fix pure perl looks_like_number not to match non-ascii digits


1.21 -- Mon May 18 10:32:14 CDT 2009
  * Change build system for perl-only install not to need to modify blib
  * When building inside perl, tests for weaken should be always run (Alexandr Ciornii)


1.20 -- Wed May 13 16:42:53 CDT 2009
*** NOTE***
This distribution now requires perl 5.6 or greater

Bug Fixes
  * Fixed stack pop issue in POP_MULTICALL
  * Fixed error reporting in import when XS not compiled
  * Check first argument to reduce is a CODE reference to avoid segfault
  * Handle overloaded and tied values
  * Fix tainted test to run on Win32

  * Added List::Util::XS so authors can depend on XS version
  * Removed need for dummy methods in UNIVERSAL for perl-only code


fix the issue reported by Tassilo von Parseval. The essential problem
is that PUSHSTACK does an implicit PUTBACK, but POPSTACK doesn't.


Release Scalar-List-Utils-1.18


Release Scalar-List-Utils-1.17


Release Scalar-List-Utils-1.16
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