Run Javascript unit tests in a real browser driven from the command line
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This is a prototype demonstrator of using Selenium + Test.Simple + 
TAP::Harness to automate Javascript unit tests.


* Selenium Remote Control Server running on localhost port 4444
* Perl >= 5.8.8
* Perl modules...
  * autodie
  * TAP::Harness 3.17 or newer (part of Test-Harness)
  * WWW::Selenium (part of Test-WWW-Selenium) 
* A web browser Selenium can talk to.
  Currently hard coded to Firefox.

To run:

* Start your Selenium RC server.

  The docs on that.

* Run javascript_harness

* It will run the demonstration tests in t/.  One is a
  Perl test to demonstrate it still runs Perl tests.  One is
  Javascript inside HTML.  The rest are pure Javascript.

* If all goes well you'll see....

$ perl javascript_harness 
t/perl.t .... ok   
t/tap.js .... ok   
t/tap1.js ... ok   
t/tap2.js ... ok   
t/tap3.js ... ok   
t/tap4.js ... ok   
t/tap5.js ... ok   
t/tap.html .. ok   
All tests successful.
Files=8, Tests=8,  9 wallclock secs ( 0.24 usr  0.07 sys +  0.03 cusr  0.02 csys =  0.36 CPU)
Result: PASS


* The Javascript tests are written using Test.Simple, a Javascript testing
  library which outputs TAP.  They are bundled in t/lib.  You can get
  your own copy here.