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[perl #98092] Fix unreferenced scalar warnings in clone.t

Commit da6b625 triggered an unrelated bug, by rearranging things in
memory so that the conditions were right:

If @DB::args has been populated, and then the items in it have been
freed, they can end up being reused for any SV-ish things allocated
thereafter, even lexical pads.

Each CV (subroutine) has a list of pads, called the padlist, which is
the same structure as a Perl array (an AV) underneath.  The padlist’s
memory management is done in pad.c, as there are other things that
have to be done when its elements (the pads themselves) are freed.
So, to prevent av.c from trying to free those elements, the padlist is
not marked REAL; i.e., it’s marked as not having its elements refer-
ence-counted, even though they are: it’s just not handled in av.c

The ‘Attempt to free unreferenced scalar’ warnings emitted by
threads::shared’s clone.t occurred when padlists and pads ended up
using freed SVs that were still in @DB::args.  When a new thread was
created, the pads in @DB::args ended up getting cloned when @DB::args
was cloned; hence they were treated as non-reference-counting arrays,
and the pads inside them were cloned with a lower reference count than
they ought to have had (sv_dup was called, instead of sv_dup_inc).
The pad-duplication code (pad_dup), like the regular SV-duplication
code, checks first to see if a padlist has been cloned already, before
actually doing it.  There was also a problem with pad_dup not incre-
menting the reference count of an already-cloned padlist.

So this commit fixes the pad_dup reference-counting bug and also
leaves AvREAL on for padlists, until the very last moment when they
are freed (in pad_free) with SvREFCNT_dec.
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1 parent 840565a commit 7d953ba8a0841912423af9b3e7d1daef726d5fb0 Father Chrysostomos committed Aug 31, 2011
Showing with 9 additions and 14 deletions.
  1. +9 −14 pad.c
23 pad.c
@@ -42,8 +42,9 @@ XSUBs don't have CvPADLIST set - dXSTARG fetches values from PL_curpad,
but that is really the callers pad (a slot of which is allocated by
every entersub).
-The CvPADLIST AV has does not have AvREAL set, so REFCNT of component items
-is managed "manual" (mostly in pad.c) rather than normal av.c rules.
+The CvPADLIST AV has the REFCNT of its component items managed "manually"
+(mostly in pad.c) rather than by normal av.c rules. So we mark it AvREAL
+just before freeing it, to let av.c know not to touch the entries.
The items in the AV are not SVs as for a normal AV, but other AVs:
0'th Entry of the CvPADLIST is an AV which represents the "names" or rather
@@ -277,7 +278,6 @@ Perl_pad_new(pTHX_ int flags)
av_store(pad, 0, NULL);
- AvREAL_off(padlist);
/* Most subroutines never recurse, hence only need 2 entries in the padlist
array - names, and depth=1. The default for av_store() is to allocate
0..3, and even an explicit call to av_extend() with <3 will be rounded
@@ -444,6 +444,7 @@ Perl_cv_undef(pTHX_ CV *cv)
PL_comppad_name = NULL;
+ AvREAL_off(CvPADLIST(cv));
@@ -2132,15 +2133,9 @@ Perl_padlist_dup(pTHX_ AV *srcpad, CLONE_PARAMS *param)
if (!srcpad)
return NULL;
- assert(!AvREAL(srcpad));
if (param->flags & CLONEf_COPY_STACKS
|| SvREFCNT(AvARRAY(srcpad)[1]) > 1) {
- /* XXX padlists are real, but pretend to be not */
- AvREAL_on(srcpad);
dstpad = av_dup_inc(srcpad, param);
- AvREAL_off(srcpad);
- AvREAL_off(dstpad);
assert (SvREFCNT(AvARRAY(srcpad)[1]) == 1);
} else {
/* CvDEPTH() on our subroutine will be set to 0, so there's no need
@@ -2154,17 +2149,17 @@ Perl_padlist_dup(pTHX_ AV *srcpad, CLONE_PARAMS *param)
SV **names;
SV **pad1a;
AV *args;
- /* look for it in the table first.
- I *think* that it shouldn't be possible to find it there.
- Well, except for how Perl_sv_compile_2op() "works" :-( */
+ /* Look for it in the table first, as the padlist may have ended up
+ as an element of @DB::args (or theoretically even @_), so it may
+ may have been cloned already. It may also be there because of
+ how Perl_sv_compile_2op() "works". :-( */
dstpad = (AV*)ptr_table_fetch(PL_ptr_table, srcpad);
if (dstpad)
- return dstpad;
+ return (AV *)SvREFCNT_inc_simple_NN(dstpad);
dstpad = newAV();
ptr_table_store(PL_ptr_table, srcpad, dstpad);
- AvREAL_off(dstpad);
av_extend(dstpad, 1);
AvARRAY(dstpad)[0] = MUTABLE_SV(av_dup_inc(AvARRAY(srcpad)[0], param));
names = AvARRAY(AvARRAY(dstpad)[0]);

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