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Teach Configure about "procselfexe" on Solaris and NetBSD

Configure would already find /proc/self/exe on NetBSD, where /proc/self is
a symlink to /proc/curproc. However, the revised probe avoids the extra
symlink traversal. Configure did not previously probe for the
relevant path on Solaris, /proc/self/path/a.out

Rename the description of /proc/curproc/file from BSD to FreeBSD, as it seems
that of the "big 3" BSDs, only FreeBSD uses this path.

Based on a patch from Johann 'Myrkraverk' Oskarsson.
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1 parent 698ca84 commit 9e68546f79174957f317b4b7abcf8be457602a6d Nicholas Clark committed Sep 27, 2011
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@@ -16048,7 +16048,9 @@ procselfexe=''
case "$d_readlink" in
- set Linux /proc/self/exe BSD /proc/curproc/file
+ : NetBSD first as /proc/self is a symlink to /proc/curproc, and it feels
+ : more tidy to avoid an extra level of symlink
+ set NetBSD /proc/curproc/exe Linux /proc/self/exe FreeBSD /proc/curproc/file Solaris /proc/self/path/a.out
while test $# -gt 0; do
type=$1; try=$2
shift; shift

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