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Commits on Sep 30, 2011
  1. In, don't close Configure's STDIN for 5.004

    Nicholas Clark committed
    Before commit dfe9444, Configure would refuse to run if STDIN was
    not a tty. With that commit, the tty requirement was dropped for -de and -dE.
    Change the default start in from perl-5.005 to perl-5.004.
  2. must clean up, even if it's skipping.

    Nicholas Clark committed
    It modifies makedepend.SH before running Configure, and a failed build may
    well modify other files. The bisect run will fail if git can't checkout
    the next revision to test because a file is locally modified.
  3. should still print the time taken if it fails.

    Nicholas Clark committed
    (Bisect runs can legitimately return failure for various reasons, such as if
    "There are only 'skip'ped commits left to test.")
    Add an editor block, and convert the only tabs to spaces.
  4. @xdg

    Document BEGIN, END, etc. in perlsyn

    xdg committed
    This adds a brief note that blocks can be preceded by a
    compilation phase keyword and points the reader to
    perlmod for the gory details.
Commits on Sep 29, 2011
  1. Add lib/ as a target for

    Nicholas Clark committed
    Add -Ilib to the command line generated when -e is used.
    Now you can use --target=lib/ -e 'use Config; ...' to test code
    that needs Config, but doesn't require building perl.
  2. can build miniperl in parallel for earlier perl vers…

    Nicholas Clark committed
    Makefile bugs that caused problems for parallel builds were for targets built
    after miniperl.
    Also add an editor block to
  3. @tonycoz
  4. @tonycoz
  5. @jimc @tonycoz

    Makefile.SH: emit make valgrind* targets only on linux

    jimc committed with tonycoz
    This inserts several case $osname in linux) spitshell ... esac
    statements to emit valgrind targets only where valgrind is available.
    Platform dependence is better than checking for valgrind executable
    because it serves as a subtle hint that it can be installed.
    Other platforms can be added by those who have them.
  6. @jimc @tonycoz

    Makefile.SH: fix ?= gmake-isms

    jimc committed with tonycoz
    commit c7b956b changed Makefile.SH to emit gmake-only syntax, fix
    that by doing so only on linux, by inserting a spitshell dependent on
    osname.  This isnt the most direct fix, but it starts to isolate
    linux-only/mostly stuff, like test.valgrind.
Commits on Sep 28, 2011
  1. perldelta for ExtUtils::MakeMaker version 6.61_01.

    George Greer committed
  2. Update ExtUtils::MakeMaker to CPAN version 6.61_01

    George Greer committed
    6.61_01  Sat Sep 24 22:16:13 PDT 2011
        * Liblist::Kid now checks the ActiveState MinGW library path environment
          variable [MITHALDU]
        * Further fixes to the Win32 quoting rules.  Fixes failures on VC8+.
          [ #69528] [SHAY]
  3. @autarch

    Add missing C on </p> construct

    autarch committed
  4. @autarch

    Make a new section for vars related to interpreter state

    autarch committed
    This is a little arbitrary, for example one could argue that @INC and %INC
    belong in there. My main goal was to move stuff that you're less likely to
    care about later in the document. Basically, this is the stuff that wizards
    care about and mere mortals generally don't.
  5. @autarch

    Move $0 and $$ together

    autarch committed
  6. @autarch
  7. Merge the improved $^X absolute pathname conversion.

    Nicholas Clark committed
Commits on Sep 27, 2011
  1. Teach Configure about "procselfexe" on Solaris and NetBSD

    Nicholas Clark committed
    Configure would already find /proc/self/exe on NetBSD, where /proc/self is
    a symlink to /proc/curproc. However, the revised probe avoids the extra
    symlink traversal. Configure did not previously probe for the
    relevant path on Solaris, /proc/self/path/a.out
    Rename the description of /proc/curproc/file from BSD to FreeBSD, as it seems
    that of the "big 3" BSDs, only FreeBSD uses this path.
    Based on a patch from Johann 'Myrkraverk' Oskarsson.
  2. In Configure, refactor the test for procselfexe into a loop.

    Nicholas Clark committed
    This removes code duplication, and makes it easy to add more variants.
    Based on a patch from Johann 'Myrkraverk' Oskarsson.
  3. Where available, use _NSGetExecutablePath() to make $^X absolute.

    Nicholas Clark committed
    In Configure, check whether _NSGetExecutablePath() can be used to find the
    absolute pathname of the executable. If so, set usensgetexecutablepath in and USE_NSGETEXECUTABLEPATH in config.h. If this is set, then use
    this approach in S_set_caret_X() to canonicalise $^X as an absolute
    path. This approach works on OS X, and possible on other platforms that
    use dyld.
  4. Where available, use sysctl() with KERN_PROC_PATHNAME to make $^X abs…

    Nicholas Clark committed
    In Configure, check whether sysctl() and KERN_PROC_PATHNAME can be used
    to find the absolute pathname of the executable. If so, set
    usekernprocpathname in and USE_KERN_PROC_PATHNAME in config.h.
    If this is set, then use this approach in S_set_caret_X() to canonicalise
    $^X as an absolute path. This approach works on (at least) FreeBSD, and
    doesn't rely on the /proc filesystem existing, or /proc/curproc/file being
  5. @rafl
  6. Avoid a "use of uninitialized value" warning from pwent.t

    Nicholas Clark committed
    16acebf refactored parts of t/op/pwent.t and enabled warnings.
    The refactoring was not the cause - the previous t/op/pwent.t code would
    warn if run with -w.
    On OS X (and presumably any other platform where the test processes the
    output of /usr/bin/dscl), where a user does not have a real name, dscl does
    not output a corresponding line, and as a result the test's processing code
    had undef in a data structure. The implicit conversion of this to an empty
    string was correct for the test to pass, but generates a warning when
    warnings are enabled. Hence disable this specific warning for the minimal
    scope where the conversion is wanted behaviour.
Commits on Sep 26, 2011
  1. @rafl
  2. @rafl

    Add 5.14.2 to perlhist

    rafl committed
  3. @rafl

    Add 5.14.2-RC1 to perlhist

    rafl committed
  4. @rafl

    Add the 5.14.2 perldelta

    rafl committed
  5. @rafl

    Add the 5.14.2 epigraph

    rafl committed
  6. podcheck.t: Work for scripts/utilities under VMS

    Karl Williamson committed
     As noted in the comments in the code for this commit, VMS builds
     add a '.com' suffix to scripts and utilities and hence their names don't
     match what is in podcheck's db.  This canonicalizes such names
     back to what the db is expecting.
Commits on Sep 25, 2011
  1. t/re/re_tests: Add TODO

    Karl Williamson committed
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