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Add a little more information about installing.

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+There is currently no installer, sorry. If somebody wants to take a
+crack at it, please go ahead.
This project is not intended to be installed on your system, but to be
-used as part of an application or project. Simply copy time64.c and
-time64.h into your project, compile them as part of your build process
-and include them instead of (or in addition to) time.h.
+used as part of an application or project. It is written to the POSIX
+time.h standard and should work with any ANSI C 89 compiler.
+This project consists of a few C and header files which should be copied
+and built like any other ANSI C code.
-It is written to the POSIX time.h standard and should work with any
-ANSI C 89 compiler.
+1) Copy time64.c, time64.h and time64_config.h into your C project.
+2) Tweak configuration values in time64_config.h.
+3) #include "time64.h" in your code and make use of the new functions
+ in place of time.h's.
+4) Build your C project normally.
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