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A responsive, animation-forward, multilingual Jekyll theme.
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गते गते पारगते पारसंगते बोधि स्वाहा ॥

मण्डल (maṇḍala): a spiritual representation of the universe.


maṇḍala is a responsive, animation-forward Jekyll theme that has built-in support for building multilingual sites. For an example of how one might use maṇḍala, see Griffen Schwiesow's portfolio (schwigri/


How you install maṇḍala depends on how you plan to build your Jekyll site.

On GitHub Pages, add the following line to your _config.yml:

remote_theme: schwigri/mandala

Support for non-GitHub Pages sites is planned. For now, you can download the git archive and extract it to your Jekyll site.


The _data/translations.yml is required for maṇḍala to work properly. It requires at least one language to be defined, and the required strings are included in this repository.


maṇḍala uses frontmatter to adjust metadata for SEO. All pages require the following frontmatter:

ref: (page reference)
lang: (language code)
title: (page title)
permalink: (preferred permalink for the page)
  title: (title to go in the <title> tag)

These are optional:

  description: (page description used in <meta name="description">)


maṇḍala comes with a four layouts (in _layouts/) and one pseudo-layout:

  • Default (default.html)
  • Page (page.html)
  • Project (project.html)
  • Portal (portal.html)
  • Redirect


The default template for a site, meant to be used on the homepage. The contents of the page using this template will appear followed by any pages or posts using the proect template. Pages using the page template will also be added to this page and will be opened/closed by JavaScript.


This type of page is used to add links to the navigation menu without having to add a page (for example, linking to a document). Create a page with the following frontmatter:

layout: page
ref: (page reference)
lang: (language code)
title: (page title)
redirect: (URL to redirect to)
order: (position on the nav menu, optional)
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