Styles and templates for a document build system with pandoc. Most code from git submodules written by others.
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Templates for a pandoc document build system

Collected by Dylan Schwilk,

Styles and templates for a scholarly document build system with pandoc. Designed to help my students set up a markdown workflow.

Most material copyright the original authors, see the git submodules "csl" and "templates". Other bits borrowed from Kieran Healy's pandoc build system. See and


There is an example markdown file in the examples folder. The Makefile allows building pdfs, html or docx output from this markdown source. Type "make" a the command line to make all three outputs.

Using for your own writing

  1. Clone this repository and its submodules into something like ~/.pandoc or ~/write/pandoc-system. For exmaple to clone into ~/write/pandoc with submodules use
git clone --recursive ~/write/pandoc
  1. Copy the example/Makefile to your project directory containing your markdown document and modify the PREFIX variable in the Makefile to point to this cloned folder
  2. Modify the BIB variable to point to your bibliography file
  3. run 'make pdf' or 'make docx' or 'make html'