Field and lab protocols, information on lab organization, and logistics
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Schwilk Lab Protocols

Repository for field and lab protocols.

File organization


This folder folder for information on lab business, scholarships and funding, data management, etc.

data management, code and version control

  • Git and GitHub: Our lab guide to using git and GitHub for collaboration.
  • data-management: Our current lab best practices for managing lab data, setting up a project, organizing code and keeping the whole thing in version control.


Experimental methods. See individal files


Lab safety plan and safety protocols

Instructions for editing these protocols

These files are all stored in markdown format ( , see also

If these are methods on which you are working, feel free to edit and commit changes or create an issue first to give folks a heads up on the proposed changes.

Although it is ok to commit to master, a good workflow on a shared repository is:

  1. Make a working branch for yourself. You can even push this branch to the repository, in that case, make sure to give it a descriptive name involving the planned work or perhaps your name.
  2. Do you work in this branch and commit often.
  3. Issue a pull request so others can review your work before it is merged into /master.

This may be overkill for the protocols repository, but may make sense for others.

Important Note:

The plan is to make this repository public. Because it is very difficult to actually delete anything from a git repository, it is important to never commit any private information we don't want shared. I don't think there is much chance of that, but I just wanted to warn everyone.