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The MicroDrop-2.19-Windows-x86.exe installer contains everything
needed to get up and running to control a DropBot model DB3-120
from a Windows computer.

For installation instructions and DropBot usage information, please also see:

What's new?

  • The bundled DropBot plugin (i.e., microdrop.dropbot-plugin v2.22.4) includes:
    • Detection and indicator identifying when a DMF chip is inserted into the DropBot.
    • Retry of electrode actuation until a specified capacitance threshold is
      reached (currently does not apply to routes, only explicit electrode
    • Logging of capacitance measurements (one measurement per step) into a
      comma-separated value (CSV) file.
    • Improved detection of DropBot during startup and connection.
  • Improved user interface, including:
    • Real-time update of video transform while clicking and dragging control
      points on the video frame
      . In previous versions of MicroDrop, the video
      transform only updated once the mouse button was released after a
      click-and-drag action.
    • Smooth resizing of main window and DMF device UI window.
  • Various bug fixes, including preventing spurious resizing of main MicroDrop
    window when real-time mode checkbox is toggled.