Developer meeting minutes

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  • Christian Fobel
  • Ryan Fobel
  • Michal Kurdziel
  • Michael Connoly
  • Aeron Tynes Hammack
  • Travis

WebRTC video

Toronto update

  • All MicroDrop dependencies are now conda packages
  • PlatformIO firmware building
    • tools not yet tested on Linux/ARM but supporting that platform is the goal
  • new MicroDrop plugins specify conda package dependencies
    • simplifies installation, rollback, etc.
  • DropBot v3.0 update
    • new hardware is tested/working
    • currently pursuing EMC compliance
    • hardware should be ready to ship by end of March/April

Next meeting

March 8th at 11am EST/8am PT



  • Christian Fobel
  • Ryan Fobel
  • Michal Kurdziel
  • Michael Connoly


  • lots of work on packaging
  • making MicroDrop plugins conda packages (conda package manager handles dependencies, provides ability to rollback)
  • new packages are being made w/ Linux support (still lots of old packages that will need work to support Linux)
  • looking at using MQTT as message broker/hub (replacing ZeroMQ hub)
  • MQTT broker handles establishing connections, keep alive
  • bindings available for lots of languages (e.g., Python, Javascript) and plenty of examples online
  • facilitates bridging (e.g., on broker on Raspberry pi bridged to another broker on PC or in cloud)


  • received Raspberry Pi
  • has been busy with upcoming release
  • will have more of a chance to work on things after Feb 21


  • been traveling/sick so not much of a chance to play with Raspberry Pi/camera
  • still working on getting DropBot systems up and running
  • will co-ordinate with Ryan/Christian over email

Next meeting

  • setup something on the week of Feb 23rd
  • will post invite to dropbot-dev list



  • Michael Connolly
  • Michal Kurdziel
  • Ryan Fobel
  • Christian Fobel


  • WebRTC video (see #205)
    • Michael discussed some info on Raspberry Pi Video Stream WebRTC (e.g., Janus gateway, etc.)
    • Michal read up on DropBot and MicroDrop documentation and is waiting for Raspberry Pi hardware to arrive to start working on WebRTC video
  • Ryan updated Development roadmap
  • Christian mentioned that JupyterLab has added some documentation for its plugins and extensions
    • It would be great to get a hello world JupyterLab extension packaged up as a Conda package
    • See also JupyterLab extension-builder
  • Christian published repository for bundling webui.js javascript library (dependency of webui-plugin)
    • Christian will work on putting together remaining documentation to build/run webui-plugin
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