Install MicroDrop

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Installing MicroDrop

  1. Download the latest MicroDrop installer release from GitHub

  2. Uninstall any previously installed version of MicroDrop

    • Note: By default, every time you launch MicroDrop, it will check for updates online.
  3. Launch MicroDrop installer

    Launch installer

  4. Accept the license agreement
    Accept license

  5. Select installation type

    • We strongly recommend selecting "Just Me (recommended)"
      Installing with the "All Users" option can cause problems when updating and installing plugins.

    Select installation type

  6. Choose install location.
    Choose install location

  7. Choose advanced installation options

    • Note: The default options make it possible to run the Python installed with MicroDrop from any Windows command prompt.
      However, this is not recommended if there is an existing Python installation.

    Advanced installation options (a)

  8. Wait for files to copy

    • Note: This may take several minutes, since there are many small files that need to be copied.

    Wait for files to copy

  9. Acknowledge installation complete
    Acknowledge installation complete

  10. Close setup
    Close setup

Once the installation has finished, you can launch MicroDrop from the Windows Start Menu or from the Desktop shortcut.

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