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Syringe pump plugin documentation

The MicroDrop syringe pump plugin is designed to work with the hardware described here.


To download the plugin within MicroDrop, launch the plugin manager by selecting the menu item File/Manage Plugins.... Then press the Download plugin... button. Select syringe_pump_plugin from the list and click the OK button. After restarting MicroDrop, the plugin should automatically download and install (including any necessary dependencies).


Hardware configuration

The following hardware configuration options are available via the MicroDrop menu option Tools/Syringe pump plugin/Edit configuration settings...:

Setting Description
Steps_per_revolution Number of full steps per revolution; depends on stepper motor (default=200).
I2c_address I2c address (only necessary if the motor is being controlled over an i2c proxy (default=0).
Microstep_setting Valid options are 1 (full step), 2 (half-step), 4 (quarter-step), 8 (eigth-step), and 16 (sixtenth-step).

Note that these setting are stored in the Arduino's EEPROM memory and are persistent after a hardware reboot.


Application options

The following application-level options are available via the MicroDrop menu option File/Options:

Setting Description
Serial Port Serial port to try connecting to the stepper motor controller Arduino. If the Arduino cannot be found on this port, MicroDrop will automatically scan all available ports.
Steps Per Microliter Conversion of the number of full steps to microliters. This conversion factor allows users to input volumes instead of motor steps.


Step options

The following step-level options can be set on a per step basis:

Setting Description
Microliters Volume to infuse/withdraw for this step. Positive numbers are interpreted as infusion, while negative numbers are for withdrawal.
Microliters per min Rate for infusion/withdrawal (microliters/minute).


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