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@sciabarra sciabarra released this Jul 28, 2015

The sbt-assembly plugin disappeared so I added in the code

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Feb 5, 2015
fixes local install in Unix

@sciabarra sciabarra released this Jan 22, 2015

The integrated installer now works also on OSX Yosemite

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@sciabarra sciabarra released this Dec 4, 2014

The integrated installer now works again. Fixed a NPE.

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@sciabarra sciabarra released this Jul 24, 2014

  • now the configurator is smarter and detects the configuration also with weblogic
  • cleaned the content model in the Demo-11.8 (duplicated attributes and other issues)-
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@sciabarra sciabarra released this Jul 13, 2014

This release features an integrated installer using the publicly distributable WebCenter Sites you can download from the Oracle website. Also a number of bug fixing, and convention normalizing (everything in Sites requires a prefix - everything in AgileSites does not require a prefix).

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@sciabarra sciabarra released this May 5, 2014

  • Automated Installer for full Sites within the AgileSites shell
  • Integrated tomcat
  • Cleanup of naming conventions (you can now use use the prefix or not)
  • Bug fixes
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@sciabarra sciabarra released this Jan 17, 2014

fixed a variable in the build to locate the cdts repo

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@sciabarra sciabarra released this Jan 13, 2014

Fixed a number of bugs.
Included a demo of rendering multi-device.
Intensive QA work

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@sciabarra sciabarra released this Dec 28, 2013

The demo for the 11.8 has now all the tests working, and the csdt export works cleanly.

I merged some improvements in the builds:

  • You can specify the site to import directly with the "!Site" syntax, so you now install the demo with

    wcs-dt import #Demo-11.8 !Demo

You install everything with the single wcs-setup while sites is offline and deploy with the single wcs-deploy
There are a number of other internal things tidied but no other user visibile changes.

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