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Big Data Development Kit (Hadoop / Spark / Zeppelin / IntelliJ) in Amazon AWS


Launch an instance on Amazon WebServices

Specify in the initialization of the vm

wget -O- |\


  • You need to specify Amazon Linux 64 bit
  • You need at least an image small (2g) better 4g for running all the services
  • You need at least 20 GB space
  • Create a secondary block on sdb and the /app folder with all your data will be mounted there, thus preserved from termination
  • change the password (change the string within the quotes with your password) to the one you want
  • register an hostname in and get the token, and replace them in the TOKEN and HOST variables
  • specify your email (user for let's encrypt service)
  • if you have a backup of let's encrypt (for example in Dropbox) specify LETGZ="...." to the url of your backup
  • before you launch the instance add a rule to open the HTTPS ports to the world

Spark / Hadoop / Zeppelin devkit

Docker kit for Hadoop, Spark and Zeppelin

Devenv with IntelliJ, SBT and Ammonite accessible via web


First, get a docker machine and configure your docker to access it. Refer to docker documentation to learn how to do it.

The script sh <password> builds the enviroment.

Start it with docker-compose up -d.

That is all.

What is in the kit

Access the shell with http://youserver:3000 and the desktop with http://yourserver:6080

In the kit there is Intellij free edition, a terminal with sbt and ammonite

Inside the kit you have also Zeppelin, internally accessible as

http://zeppelin.loc:8000, Hadoop accessible as hdfs://hadoop.loc:8020 and Spark on http://spark.loc

(to fix) You can also ssh (without password) on hadoop.loc, spark.loc and zeppelin.loc