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Nymph is an ORM for JavaScript and PHP. Nymph data objects, called entities, are accessed just like plain objects, in both PHP and JavaScript. Nymph includes a REST server and a Publish/Subscribe server. Nymph is the ORM that powered the Pines Framework, which, for years, ran a high demand ecommerce website and Point of Sale system.

Setting up a Nymph Application

You can use the app template to set up Nymph and Nymph PubSub for you. All you need to install is Docker.

Nymph App Template

For a step by step guide to manually setting up Nymph on your own server, visit the Setup Guide.

Using Nymph

The Nymph API documentation on this wiki is accessible through the API Docs Index.

Full API Docs

If you want to really dive deep into Nymph, you can also browse the full API docs, which covers every class in the Nymph server.

Nymph Online