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An implementation of dependency injection and service locator (like RequireJS) in PHP.


You can install RequirePHP with Composer or Bower.

composer require sciactive/requirephp

bower install

Getting Started

If you don't use an autoloader, all you need to do is include the RequirePHP.php file.


Now you can start giving code that requires a module, or modules, to run. This code will not run until all the required modules (in this case, only 'test') are available.

\SciActive\RequirePHP::_(array('test'), function($test){
	$test->value = '<p>Hello, world.</p>';

You can define modules. This module has no dependencies, hence the empty array.

\SciActive\RequirePHP::_('test', array(), function(){
	class test {
		public $value;

		public function talk() {
			echo $this->value;

	// Returning a new instantiation is important if you are
	// providing a service.
	return new test();

You can create aliases to modules (and other aliases).

\SciActive\RequirePHP::alias('testing', 'test');

You can keep using the same instance in other code, using RequirePHP as a service locator. This function uses the alias from above.

\SciActive\RequirePHP::_(array('testing'), function($test){
	$test->talk(); // Prints '<p>Hello, world.</p>'.

You can also retrieve modules outside of a closure. However, if this module is not available at the time you request it, RequirePHP will throw a RequireModuleFailedException. Such is the price of not using a closure.

$test = \SciActive\RequirePHP::_('test');
$test->talk(); // Prints '<p>Hello, world.</p>'.

Service Location

The repository contains an example of using RequirePHP as a service locator.

Dependency Injection

The repository contains an example of using RequirePHP as a dependency injector.

Contacting the Developer

There are several ways to contact RequirePHP's developer with your questions, concerns, comments, bug reports, or feature requests.


An implementation of dependency injection/service location (like RequireJS) in PHP.





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