A Python framework for test-driven validation of scientific models.
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SciUnit: A Test-Driven Framework for Formally Validating Scientific Models Against Data


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Basic Usage

my_model = MyModel(**my_args) # Instantiate a class that wraps your model of interest.  
my_test = MyTest(**my_params) # Instantiate a test that you write.  
score = my_test.judge() # Runs the test and return a rich score containing test results and more.  

Domain-specific libraries and information

NeuronUnit for neuron and ion channel physiology

Mailing List

There is a mailing list for announcements and discussion. Please join it if you are at all interested!


  • Cyrus Omar, Carnegie Mellon University (Dept. of Computer Science)
  • Rick Gerkin, Arizona State University (School of Life Science)


SciUnit is released under the permissive MIT license, requiring only attribution in derivative works. See the LICENSE file for terms.