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Python library and command-line utilities to handle SciELO PS XML files.


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Python library and command-line utilities to handle SciELO PS XML files that runs on python > 3.9.

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packtools depends on lxml.

Python Package Index (recommended):

$ pip install packtools

or just:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Pip + git (versão de desenvolvimento):

$ pip install -e git+git://


$ git clone
$ cd packtools
$ python install

Installation as a web application, where a graphical interface for stylechecker and an HTML previewer is provided:

$ pip install packtools[webapp]


pip install -r requirements.txt && pip install -r optional-requirements.txt


To run tests execute:

python test

To run a specific module of tests, type:

python test -s tests.test_htmlgenerator

Run tests with tox:


Command line execute

htmlgenerator example.xml --loglevel=error --nochecks --nonetwork

It will generate the result in the same path of the .xml file.

Running the web application

Configuring the application:

environment variable default value
APP_SETTINGS packtools.webapp.config.default.ProductionConfig
$ export APP_SETTINGS=packtools.webapp.config.default.ProductionConfig
$ export
$ flask run

Documentation (we need help!)

Use license

Copyright 2013 SciELO Licensed under the terms of the BSD license. Please see LICENSE in the source code for more information.