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Exclusive private property is so passé: welcome to the area of polyownership !

Joint ownership and lending meet the social web.

While property is not always a theft, Total Cost of Ownsership including storage doesn’t make it a steal either. Why hoard things that you rarely use ? Renting isn’t always an option and get expensive pretty fast. Lending is find, but doesn’t always scale.

What we propose is for people to share goods amongst communities.

Their should be plugable rules for handling:

  • communities (joining, leaving,…)
  • goods circulations (request queues, dispatch approval, lending duration,…)

Example usage


I have stacks of books everywhere in my apartment (and basement, and parking lot). They’d be more useful on someone else shelves.


I have a drill press, hammer drill and a ripper that I use once in a while.

Gather interested parties

There are no deadlines, the road traveled is as important as the destination. Getting to use interesting technologies for an interesting project is what it’s all about. Any input, be it advice, testing or actual code, is more than welcome.


If you are reading this, by all means do consider adding yourself bellow and submitting a pull request !



If you are reading this, by all means do consider adding yourself to the list by emailing some coder from the list above !

Use Cases

Make some pretty diagrams



Development guidelines

“State, you’re doing it wrong !”

Taking into account the hosting choices.

choose license

GPL v3 or later ?

choose technologies


Choices shouldn’t be exclusive to avoid lock-in and should allow free development hosting.



Digital Ocean

server side

Pedestal & Immutant

web front

We could do without any Clojure Web server

Serve only the code for client for a Single Page Web App and have (RESTful ?) web services to handle AJAX.



ClojureScript starting from ClojureScript One or another example app or another one .

add .gitignore

lein new this project