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The Scientific Tool Set is (planned to be) a collection of helpful tools for the scientific context. By automating (parts of) recurring tasks and/or enforcing a uniform notation, SciToS aims to:

  • improve the outcome’s quality (Validation),
  • save valuable time by simplifying the underlying process (Automation),
  • cater for varying approaches and methodologies (Configurability),
  • enable further processing (and security of sensitive data) via digital storage (XML file format), and
  • offer adaptable font sizes for most texts in favor of projector usage (Teaching and Learning Aid).

For details on the individual modules check out their respective Wiki pages :

  • Module: AIS – Autobiographical Interview Scoring (categorization of text tokens/blocks)
  • Module: HmX – HermeneutiX (syntactic and semantic structure analysis of texts)


The appearance and behavior of SciToS can be customized to a certain extent via the main menu item File > Preferences (if you are using Mac OS X, you will find the preferences option in the usual application menu).

  • Java Swing Look and Feel: this affects the visual presentation of the whole application (you could call this a "Theme"), the available options depend on your computer's operating system.
  • Maximum number of undo operations: in the background, every action creates a complete copy of your progress that you can revert back to via undo/redo in the menu or tool bar. The number entered here determines how many of those copies are remembered, i.e. available for you to revert back to. Beware that every copy takes up some memory. If you enter a too high number, this can slow down SciToS and make it unusable (especially on bigger projects).
  • Translation of the User Interface: you can chose either "English" or "German" as those are (currently) the only language options we provide; or let the application itself determine your "System Language". The latter basically checks whether your computer is set to a "German" locale and otherwise falls-back on "English".


  1. How do I start SciToS?
    Download the zipped version under, unpack it, and double-click the scitos.jar file in the main folder to start the application.
  2. How can I create a new project/open a project?
    You can either click on the buttons New: Project/Open on the welcome page or use the respective items in the File menu.
  3. I have another question that is not in the FAQ / I have found a bug / I have other problems with the tool. What can I do?
    You can reach us through the GitHub Issue Tracker or just Start a Discussion.
  4. I would like to have another feature implemented / I would like to add a feature myself. What can I do?
    As this is a free and open-source software, you are welcome to share your ideas about additional features or even whole modules/tools that are in dire need of being created – via the GitHub Issue Tracker. Or you can just add those features/modules yourself and create a pull request. Input of any kind is appreciated.
  5. How can I stay updated on new SciToS releases and features?
    You are welcome to keep a lookout on our Releases Page or Issue Tracker.