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A fork of the Java API to handle JPEG and JPEG2000 files. Used by SCIFIO to read images compressed with JPEG2000 and lossless JPEG. Modified from the 2008-10-14 source to include support for the YCbCr color space. Several files in the packages were removed, as they are not needed by SCIFIO, and created an additional dependency. This project will be removed once our changes have been added to the official JAI CVS repository.

Building the Java Advanced Imaging Image I/O Tools Packages

To build the Java Advanced Imaging Image I/O Tools packages, you must first checkout the jai-imageio-core CVS repository on For example, run the cvs checkout command as follows:

  • cd cvs-root-dir
  • cvs checkout jai-imageio-core

Any operating environment that supports J2SE should work. We have built jai-imageio-core on the following operating environments:

  • Solaris-sparc: Sparc (Ultra60 or better) running Solaris 9
  • Solaris-x86: i386/i586 running Solaris-x86 9
  • Linux: i386/i586 running SuSE 9 or RedHat 9.0
  • Windows: Windows/XP, Windows 2000

The following software must be installed:

Building Java Advanced Imaging Image I/O Tools

Before you start building, your PATH must include these directories:

  • ant-root-dir/bin
  • jdk-root-dir/bin

and Java Advanced Imaging (JAI) must be be referenced either by JAI being installed in the J2SDK used for the build; or jai_core.jar being on the CLASSPATH.

Setting the JAVA_HOME or JAVACMD environment variable will supersede jdk-root-dir/bin for ant. For further details please refer to the ant manual.

The default target, jar, creates both optimized and debug jar files.

To build:

  • cd cvs-root-dir/jai-imageio-core
  • ant

The above steps build the Java code for the jj2000,,, and packages. The build will be placed in jai-imageio-core/build/platform/opt where platform is determined from the ant echo command:

  • ant echo

Jar files are placed in jai-imageio-core/build/platform/opt/lib/ext. Binaries for native libraries are part of the project and are copied to the jai-imageio-core/build/platform/opt/jrenativesubdir directory as part of the build, where jrenativesubdiris determined from the ant echo command as above.

To see other targets that are available, type "ant -projecthelp". Note that ant must be run from the top-level directory.

Running Java Advanced Imaging Image I/O Tools

To run Java Advanced Imaging Image I/O Tools, please checkout the jai-imageio-demos project and then refer to README-build.html in jai-imageio-demos for details on building and running Java Advanced Imaging Image I/O Tools demo programs.


SCIFIO fork of the Java Advanced Imaging Image I/O Tools API Core



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